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Brand New Dual Face Electronic Theodolite 2" Accuracy

GBP 540 plus GBP 19 P&P

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5" Electronic Digital Theodolite with dual side display.

The package includes: case, main body, battery holder, plumb bob, small tool kit and operation manual.

theodolite theodolite





Image: Erect
Magnification: 30X
Effective aperture: 45mm
Resolving Power: 3.5"
Field of view: 1° 30'
Minimum focusing distance: 1.3m
Stadia ratio: 100
Stadia constant: 0
Angle Measurement
Reading system: Absolute Type Encoder
Minimum reading: 1" or 5" (Selectable)
Accuracy: 2"
Horizontal angle: Dual
Vertical angle: Single
(LCD) Display type: Double face
Data Output
Data Input - Output: RS-232C
Memory: 1000 points
Laser Plummet
Laser Power: 1mW
Dot diameter: <=2mm
Accuracy: 1mm
Physical Characteristics
Operating temperature: -20 deg. C to +45 deg. C
Internal power supply: 4 x Standard AA batteries
Operating time: 45 hours
Dimension: L 160 x H 340 x W 175mm
Weight: 4.8kg