Rotary Laser Level - FRE207 set

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FRE207 Digital Rotary Laser Level


The special feature of this laser is that the sloping angle is input digitally. You simply feed in the angle of slope you require and the instrument will level to that angle.

FRE207 Digital Rotary Laser Level

This top of the range instrument provides dual slope capability as well as plumb up and plumb down beams.

FRE207 Digital Rotary Laser Level


Ideal for Earthworks, Drainage or Landscape Contractors.
Self Levelling Instrument.
Digital grade function on two axis.
Plumb up and plumb down beams.
High precision and stability.
With scanning function.
With clockwise and counter clockwise rotating function.
Automatic shut off laser beam if out of levelling range.
Sealed structure for using in various weather conditions.
Good waterproofing.
Remote Control.

FRE207 Digital Rotary Laser Level


Accuracy:- ±20"(± 3 mm @ 30 m)
Slope range:- ±8.00%
Automatic self-levelling range:- 5°
Laser source:- Visible Laser Diode 635nm
Classification:- Class 2M or Class 3R
Operation range:- 500m dia.(with detector)
Rotating head speed:- 60, 120, 300, 600 R.P.M
Approximate Scan Angles:- 10°45°90°180°
IR Remote control:- Available remote distance:20m
Operation temperature:- -20ºC ~ +50ºC (-4°F~+122°F)
Power supply:- DC 4. 8-6V (4 sections sub-C NI-MH battery)Battery pack replaceable(Ni-MH battery pack or Alkaline battery pack, selectable)
Continuous working time:- 20hours
Waterproof and dustproof:- IP54
Dimensions:- 160(L) X 160(W)X 185(H)mm
Weight:- 3.0kg(w/batteries)

FRE207 Digital Rotary Laser Level

Set comes with:- Tripod, staff, instrument, detector, case, remote, spare battery pack, glasses, charger and target.

Set up video

Setting the slope angle video