706 Laser Level Detector

GBP 480 plus GBP 19 P&P
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A versatile laser receiver that is easy to use, easy to install and easy on your wallet.

The LS706 Machine Mounted Laser receiver is designed to adapt to any earthmoving machine, so you need only one receiver for any job. Whether mounted on a grader, backhoe, excavator, bobcat or dozer, the LS706s quick mounting; heavy duty magnetic clamps allow simple set up from one machine to another and keep the receiver securely in place without having to weld mounting brackets.

The LS706 works with any rotating laser and its on board rechargeable batteries make it convenient to move the unit from one machine to the next.

Two accuracy settings allow you to work from rough grading to final finishing. A built in connector allows the attachment of an in cab remote display to view grade information in the cab. Using a laser as its reference, the LS706 provides the machine operator a visual indication of the grade information needed for continuous work, freeing the grade checker to work elsewhere. Keep your heavy equipment running and save time, manpower and money.

The LS706 is built construction tough with aluminum housing and shock-mounted electronics. This unit will stand up to the toughest of conditions.

Compared with other 360 battery powered receivers, the LS706 is about half the price. Get the performance you need at a price you can afford to keep your machinery operators on the level.

Accuracy Fine +/- 2mm - +/-10mm
Accuracy Coarse " +/- 5mm - +/-23mm
Operation Range 200m
Power 7.2V NiMh/2500mAh Rechargeable
Operating Time 40 hours
Working Temperature "-20C to +50C
Charging Time 15 hours
Size 376 x 180 x 49mm
Receiving Window 250mm
Weight 3.1kg
Warranty One Year


LS707 In Cab Indicator for 706 detector

GBP 160 plus GBP 15 P&P
Orders are normally dispatched within 24hrs.